Welcome Utah 4-H Alumni and Friends of 4-H!Utah 4-H Centennial Logo


Utah 4-H will celebrate our 100th birthday in 2012! The Utah 4-H Centennial celebration will include many local and statewide 4-H events.

In preparation for this wonderful celebration, we have kicked off our 4-H Alumni Identification Campaign to help us reconnect with adults who were 4-H club members as children.*  We encourage you to register as an alumnus so we can keep you informed of all events and activities. You will receive a “4-H Alumnus” car window decal just for registering so that you can show your 4-H pride.

Thanks for helping Utah 4-H continue to Make the Best Better!''

* This includes adults who now live in Utah, but lived in another state when they participated in 4-H youth groups.